The Attic Sessions  #2. ‘Music & Poetry’, with Tony Curtis & Dermot McLaughlin

This month on The Attic Sessions we talk about becoming part of the tradition of music playing and poetry writing and what those two art forms have in common. We also talk about the role memory plays in passing on tradition.

Dermot McLaughlin plays some traditional airs and Tony Curtis reads ‘The Mole and the Cosmos’, ‘A Blessing of Things Well Made’ and ‘Tunes Carried on the Night Air’ from his latest poetry collection Approximately in the Key of C (ARC Publications, 2015).


Tony Curtis

Dermot McLaughlin

Presented by Nessa O’Mahony



‘The Glen Road to Carrick’ (reel)
Traditional Arr. Dermot McLaughlin

‘The Wedding Jig’ & ‘Rí na bPíobairí’ (The King of the Pipers)
Traditional Arr. Dermot McLaughlin

‘The Parting Glass’
Traditional Arr. Tony Curtis

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