For the last few years I have been making short films about the arts in Ireland. I have met some amazing people, travelled to some extraordinary places and realised how many wonderful stories there are to be told.

Last summer, we had the attic converted into a wonderful new workspace for both Nessa and myself. Chatting one afternoon, we thought it would be great to make it into an even more creative space by opening it up to other artists.

So, deciding to put our interests and skills to good use, we came up with a very simple concept: a poet, author or musician joins us in our attic for a chat.

Starting in March 2016 we will be broadcasting The Attic Sessions, a series of video podcasts on Irish writing and music. Each month we will be welcoming poets, authors and musicians into our attic to talk about their work and share their creative insights with you.

We’re looking forward to beginning a new adventure in literary broadcasting. Keep an eye out for our latest updates – because we’ve got some exciting things planned.

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    Congrats. on a wonderful project. You never know what you might see looking up through a skylight!.
    All Good Wishes
    Paddy Glavin

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