On music & poetry in the Irish tradition

We’re thrilled to announce that our guests for the second episode of The Attic Sessions will be Dermot McLaughlin and Tony Curtis.  Traditional Irish fiddle player Dermot McLaughlin and poet Tony Curtis will be joining Nessa O’Mahony in the attic to read poetry, play music and engage in a some literary chat.

Dermot McLaughlin is a renowned exponent of Donegal fiddle music. He usually performs solo, unaccompanied, which is unusual in Irish traditional music. He learned from some of the best Donegal fiddle masters, including Con Cassidy, James Byrne, Francie Mooney and Dinny McLaughlin.

Tony Curtis is an Irish poet. He was awarded the National Poetry Prize in 1993 for his poem ‘The Dowser and the Child’, and in 2003 was awarded the Varuna House Exchange Fellowship to Australia. As well as reading at Irish and International festivals, he is a facilitator of poetry and creative writing workshops with both adults and children. His most recent poetry collection ‘Approximately in the Key of C’ was published last year by Arc Publications.



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